Fixed Price Servicing

Car Repair in Cleveland

Fixed price servicing from $195 for cars including 4L of semi –synthetic oil and $300 for 4wd’s including up to 8 Litres of semi synthetic oil*(Silver Service)

(*Not including vehicles fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF))


Silver Service Package:    Entry level price service while still maintaining a complete inspection without compromising safety.

  • Inspect all lights, windscreen wiper operation and all electrical components.
  • Drain engine oil and replace oil filter
  • Inspect steering, suspension and braking system and lubricate or adjust as necessary
  • Inspect tyre wear, adjust pressures and condition, including spare
  • Inspect vehicle under body and exhaust system
  • Check and test all under bonnet fluid levels and replenish, including brake fluid and radiator coolant
  • Perform battery test
  • Inspect drive belts and filters
  • Test drive and report


Gold Service Package:  (from $245 for cars and $350 for 4wd’s, not including dpf vehicles) All services included in the “silver service” while adding extras that will keep your vehicle’s engine in the best possible condition and reducing fuel consumption.

  • Intake/throttle body clean
  • Engine oil flush treatment
  • Complete fuel system treatment


**Imported vehicles, some diesels, commercials may incur additional costs, owners will be advised if necessary, before commencing work.